Friday, September 17, 2004

National Guard Bush-style

Since the details of how President Bush got into the National Guard to avoid serving in Vietnam and then subsequently, didn't live up to his obligations once the war was over is in the news lately, this article from Slate seems relevant. See back when Bush was in the Guard, it was considered a sure fire way to get out of service, but these days, it's a sure fire way to get shipped to Iraq. It's not "a weekend a month and 2 weeks a year" anymore - you'll be serving in Iraq, not in Alabama. And unlike Bush, you won't be getting out 2 years early (with no explanation) - you'll be kept in longer thanks to stop loss!
People in the National Guard however seem to be suckered into risking their lives for the sake of fighting terrorism. I spose their are a lot of terrorists in Iraq .. now! However this part blew me away:
Some 40,000 members of the Guard are in Iraq today—six times the number of guardsmen sent to Vietnam. Already, more Guard troops have died in Iraq than in Vietnam.


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