Friday, October 05, 2007

Bladerunner Redux

Wired has an interesting interview with directory Ridley Scott about his upcoming re-edit of Bladerunner. This is a further refinement of the Director's Cut from the early 90's which is going to consist of a 5 disk set! I love Bladerunner as much as the next guy (as long as the next guy isn't Ridley Scott...) but I don't think I could sit through 5 DVDs. The interview also answers some questions like why it rains all the time in the Los Angeles of 2019 - to hide the wires ok course! It really is remarkable how contemporary the film looks even 20+ years after it was released.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

To hide the wires?

F#ck - you just ruined it for me!

Actually - I'm still jazzed about the new movie. I wish it was being screened somewhere in the midwest.

There's a new three-cd edition of the Vangelis Blade Runner soundtrack, too. It features two CDs of previously unreleased music by Vangelis, including a CD of tracks from the movie and another CD of new compositions by Vangelis.

I've preordered the mega version of the soundtrack, but can't decide which version of the movie to get.

Do I really need 5 DVDs for this movie?

1:06 AM  

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