Thursday, November 02, 2006

Timbuk2 Blogger

I've been using a Timbuk2 messenger bag as a laptop bag on and off for a while (8 or 9 years) so I know that Timbuk2 bags are basically indestructible. However the messenger bags are not the most suited to holding a laptop. I've used a padded laptop sleeve in the bag to protect things but messenger bags only work well if you have a huge number of packages to deliver. Enter the Timbuk2 Blogger.

Timbuk2 has a variety of bags that are designed to hold laptops which generally consists of a padded sleeve. The Blogger is supposed to be designed specifically for the "blogger" on the go. I'm more of a programmer than a blogger but I guess the Timbuk2 "Propeller Head" bag wouldn't sell as well. The Blogger keeps the laptop vertically which makes it hang a little more naturally than messenger bags. The shoulder strap for the bag has a big pad on it (I suspect most self-respecting bike messengers would scoff) which makes it a lot easier on the shoulder. I take the train pretty much every day to work which involves about a mile of walking so I really appreciate this. The should strap pad is the same color as the bag which in some cases looks a little weird - I got the black bag just so it would be a neutral color!

It has a pocket for your cell phone and mp3 player (for the blogger on the go!). The mp3 player pocket is only just big enough for my iPod mini and you can't really manipulate the buttons without taking it from the pocket so I pretty much don't use it.

As I said, my last Timbuk2 bag lasted for many years and pretty much looks like new so I think this one will also last for quite a while. One important point is that it only fits 15 inch Windows / Mac laptops so if you have a 17 inch bohemeth, it probably won't work for you.


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